Mackinac Strategies Launches in Simi Valley

Hal Reniger, a retirement and estate planning consultant, created Mackinac Strategies, a financial services firm specializing in retirement plan exit strategies and Social Security benefit maximization. 

Mackinac Strategies, in Simi Valley, California, is not affiliated with an insurance company or securities brokerage house. As an independent, the firm is free to investigate and recommend multiple options for clients, not tied to a specific product. “Every client’s situation is unique,” Reniger said, “and retirement planning is not a one-size-fits-all.”

The firm’s mission is help clients transition safely from working retirement life, according to Reniger. Services include retirement planning, Social Security analysis, long-term care solutions, 401(k) and individual retirement account (IRA) check-ups, and asset-protection strategies.

Mackinac has a relationship with its clients, and also interacts with the client’s accountants and attorneys. That way, the firm can create a plan of action that will encompass a wide range of solutions for future retirement, estate tax management or asset preservation.

“Making that leap from working to retirement requires a safe and well-balanced plan; and at Mackinac Strategies we research and recommend the most practical blend of strategies and services that best meet the needs of our clients,” Reniger said. 

More information about Mackinac Strategies is at their website.