LPL Unveils Rollover Program


LPL Financial launched the Rollover Results Program, a platform for retirement plan advisers, plan sponsors and plan participants.



The Rollover Results Program introduces the Retirement Results Desk, a dedicated specialist group to educate plan participants, expedite rollovers and help advisers focused on retirement plans to expand their businesses by serving more of their sponsor clients’ separating employees. 

The Retirement Results Desk helps separating employees understand and think through options for their 401(k) balances. When employees decide to begin a rollover, the program can open IRA accounts, assist with retirement account transfers, provide information on the rollover process and address the concerns of separating employees.

“Employers and employees gain more visibility into their retirement options, both in-plan and once they leave the plan,” said Bill Chetney, executive vice president of LPL Financial Retirement Partners. “The program also helps our advisers build their businesses by putting them in control of new options for serving sponsor clients’ separating employees.”

Plan advisers are given more options to serve separating employees by facilitating partnerships with advisers in the LPL Financial network. Plan advisers enrolled in The Rollover Results Program can request a list of qualified partnership candidates from an adviser-matching database, select a partner and tailor partnership agreements on a client-by-client basis.

The Rollover Results Program provides a suite of tools and resources for advisers to promote the financial wellness and retirement readiness of plan participants. Resources include customizable workshops and online planning modules that LPL Financial advisers can use with plan participants.