Lively Adds Personalized Investment Guidance to its HSA

The new feature is powered by Devenir.

Lively has added personalized investment guidance, powered by Devenir, which specializes in investment solutions for health-based accounts, to its health savings accounts (HSAs). Already, more than one-fifth of Lively’s HSA account holders invest their HSA funds, compared with the industry average of just 4%.

Now, Lively account holders will have access to personalized investment guidance that can help them capitalize on the HSA’s unique tax advantages with no investment threshold.

Lively says now, more than even, it is important to remove barriers to investing so the millions of Americans with HSAs can work toward their long-term savings goals, such as retirement.

“Investing should be accessible to all HSA account holders, so we’re thrilled to add HSA Guided Portfolio to our already robust offering,” says Alex Cyriac, CEO and co-founder of Lively. “This new feature adds more flexibility to our investment suite and provides a more hands-off option. By offering industry-leading investment solutions, we help each account holder make their money go further by investing in the way that is right for them.”

HSA Guided Portfolio will provide each HSA account holder a suggested portfolio mix based on their profile, risk preferences and time horizon. The account holder then allocates funds from a curated menu of low-cost funds across diverse asset classes. The portfolio is automatically rebalanced.

Lively says approximately 1.2 million American are investing a portion of their HSAs but that this number is expected to grow and exceed $20 billion by 2021.