Judy Diamond Associates Launches TPA Directory

Judy Diamond Associates launched a Directory of Retirement TPAs.

Judy Diamond Associates obtains the information from the third-party administrators (TPAs) annually and verifies the firms before including them.

The Directory of Retirement TPAs, formerly available only in print as the Directory of Third-Party Retirement Plan Administrators, is a searchable, online database of contact and business information for third-party retirement plan administrators. It provides financial institutions that sell retirement products with a single source for selecting TPAs to administer their retirement offerings based on information provided by the administrators themselves.

Information available to subscribers includes:

•  Types of plans the TPAs set up or administer;

•  Investment products they offer;

•  Custodians they use for their assets; and

•  Contact information for the CEO/president, sales manager, operations manager and the investment manager.


To learn more about The Directory of Retirement TPAs, visit www.judydiamond.com or call 800-231-0669.