Investment Product and Service Launches

Choreo launches Choreo Partner Alliance; Gainbridge announces upcoming B2B insurance-as-a-service platform; New York Life introduces new suite of term life products; and more.  

Choreo Launches Choreo Partner Alliance 

Choreo LLC announced the launch of the Choreo Partner Alliance, a program designed for industry certified public accountants to better serve their clients.  

The Choreo Partner Alliance allows CPAs to partner with a Choreo adviser to aid clients who have unaddressed or complex wealth management needs. CPAs can access an array of tax-efficient estate planning, business exit-planning and investment solutions, along with Choreo’s marketing, thought leadership and technology platforms. 

“I’m excited to unveil the new Choreo Partner Alliance,” said Larry Miles, Choreo’s CEO, in a statement. “Choreo is well-suited to offer this program. Having been associated with one of the nation’s largest accounting firms for more than two decades, our advisors—many of whom are CPAs themselves—have a passion for delivering a comprehensive tax and financial planning experience to their clients.” 

Gainbridge Announces Upcoming B2B Insurance-as-a-Service Platform  

Gainbridge Insurance Agency LLC announced the upcoming launch of its business-to-business “insurance-as-a-service” platform. 

The platform targets leading financial technology companies with turnkey, intuitive savings and retirement solutions for their consumers. It will be an API-based, cloud-native platform designed for easy integration.  

“We’re excited to help address the needs in the ‘save’, ‘invest’, and ‘protect’ legs of the consumer financial journey, and we want to empower companies by making it easier to offer these to their customers by bringing down the barriers to entry in the insurance world,” said Justin Wee, chief strategy officer for life and annuity at Gainbridge parent company Group 1001 Insurance Holdings LLC, in a statement. 

New York Life Introduces New Suite of Term Life Products 

New York Life Insurance Co. announced the launch of a suite of term life products. Designed for individuals and small business owners, the term life suite includes several updates: 

  • Level Term is available for 10-, 15- and 20-year periods; 
  • Yearly Renewable Term delivers year-to-year protection for those with short-term needs; and 
  • The suite includes options to purchase additional living benefits, such as access to a portion of the death benefit and having premiums waived. 

“The competitive pricing on this new suite of term life products ensures clients can secure more value from their coverage and access policy features that support bigger goals, like keeping a business afloat, saving for retirement or a child’s college education,” said Amanda Kuhl, senior vice president and head of life products at New York Life, in a statement. 

Integrity Launches Leadership Academy Built With Zig Ziglar Corporation 

Dallas-based Integrity Marketing Group LLC announced the launch of the Integrity Leadership Academy, an education program for Integrity leaders. The academy launched in partnership with the Plano, Texas-based Zig Ziglar Corp., a provider of organizational performance solutions. 

The program will include a three-day leadership retreat in Dallas, Texas, and a year-long learning management system to enhance leadership strategies. There will also be company-wide training sessions to support continued learning. 

“The Integrity Leadership Academy offers our team members the transformational opportunity to refine these skills by becoming effective coach leaders who can bring out the best in those they serve,” said Bryan Adams, co-founder and CEO of Integrity, in a statement.