ING Maps Retirement Savings in America

Leveraging data from its peer comparison tool, ING U.S. developed the ING State of Savings interactive map.

The map provides a state-by-state scan and ranking of how Americans across the country say they are saving, applying two different formulas. One formula measures the average amount that residents of each state have collectively saved for retirement as a percent of their total estimated needs, with adjustments made for age—Savings Progress. A second formula measures the average amount that residents of each state have saved up, as a multiple of their annual household income—Savings Score.   

According to the map, the three states that ranked highest in terms of Savings Progress are Hawaii (residents have saved 51% of their estimated needs for retirement), New York (49%) and Nevada (48%). The three states with the highest Savings Score are New Mexico (residents have saved 4.56 times their annual income), Vermont (4.35 times their annual income) and South Carolina (3.78 times their annual income).   

Nationally, the average Savings Progress for Americans overall was at 39%, while the Savings Score was 2.42. For a full list of the rankings and to access the interactive map, visit    

Since debuting in 2009, the website has received more than 1.8 million visitors. Approximately 60,000 answered a combination of questions that captured their state of residence, their annual household income, the amount they have saved for retirement and the amount they anticipate needing to live a comfortable retirement.