Indiana 529 Plan Adopts CD Option

The CollegeChoice CD 529 Savings Plan (CollegeChoice CD), first announced in January, is now available to college savers in Indiana.

College Savings Bank will serve as Program Manager to Indiana’s CollegeChoice CD and offers three FDIC-insured CDs to Indiana families and families nationwide: the CollegeChoice CollegeSure CD, the CollegeChoice InvestorSure CD, and CollegeChoice Fixed Rate CDs.

CollegeChoice CD is unique to Indiana’s state-sponsored 529 plan, in that college savers can enroll through participating local banks and investment advisers, as well as on their own online or by mail.

“Hoosiers have enjoyed one of the most robust 529 college savings plans in the country,” said State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, Chairman of the Indiana Education Savings Authority. “Along with the high-quality equity, fixed income, money market and savings investments offered through CollegeChoice Direct and CollegeChoice Advisor, CollegeChoice CD will make up the third leg in a fully comprehensive college savings strategy.”

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