How Much Will You Spend on Mom?

How much money will you shell out for Mom on Mother’s Day?

You would be in line with the large majority of consumers if you spend less than $100—half spend $50 or less.

This year, 26% of surveyed online consumers plan to spend $50 and 24% plan to spend $25, according to a survey by, a part of Experian. Almost another fourth (23%) plan to spend $100. Only 8% of consumers plan to spend $250 and a slimmer percentage (3%) spend $500 or more.

Despite predicted improvements in the economy, the survey revealed most (72%) of respondents do not plan to spend more on Mother’s Day this year. However, more than one in 10 (12%) do plan to spend more because they expect the recession to lift.

The old standbys of flowers and chocolate are the most popular Mother’s Day gifts, with 39% of consumers planning to purchase one of those items. Twenty-three percent of consumers opt for clothing or jewelry. Other gifts include kitchen or gardening products (13%) and beauty, cosmetics, or spa products (11%). The largest number of respondents (44%) plan to purchase other types of gifts for Mother’s Day.

A notable percentage (16%) of respondents doesn’t plan to spend any money for Mother’s Day at all. Perhaps gifts do not always come with a price tag.

The Mother’s Day shopping survey included responses from 2,011 online consumers and was conducted from March 26 to April 12.