Guggenheim Launches High Yield Dividend ETF

Guggenheim Funds Distributors, Inc. has expanded its international exchange-traded fund (ETF) suite with the Guggenheim ABC High Dividend ETF.

The offering from will seek to replicate the BNY Mellon ABC Index by providing investors with exposure to high-yielding mature companies from Australia, Brazil and Canada, Guggenheim announced. 

Having access to higher-yielding companies from those countries offers investors a high level of dividend income potential, explained Scott Minerd, Chief Investment Officer. During inflationary periods in commodity-linked economies, many companies tend to flourish as overall profits and employment rise with their country’s export sector.

 “The global supply of commodity and natural resources is expected to become further constrained such that it will be unlikely to keep pace with global population growth,” said Minerd. “Australia, Brazil and Canada are uniquely positioned as a result of vast commodity deposits. These global supply and demand dynamics are likely to place upward pressure on natural resources and commodity prices, thereby leading to attractive investment opportunities.”