Goldman Rebrands Fixed-Income Fund

Goldman Sachs Asset Management says it has strengthened its fixed income fund platform through changes to the Goldman Sachs Core Plus Fixed Income Fund.

The fund has been rebranded into the Goldman Sachs Bond Fund and is available in multiple share classes, including lower-priced institutional classes. The fund offers investors a globally diversified approach to fixed income, according to Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM).

“We believe the fund name change will help existing and new investors understand how the Goldman Sachs Bond Fund can offer a core bond allocation in their portfolios, with the flexibility to invest in a broad range of global fixed-income asset classes,” explains Jim McNamara, global head of third-party distribution.

The Goldman Sachs Bond Fund is an enhanced approach to a core allocation with global diversification. The fund allows investors to access opportunities outside a traditional core fixed-income portfolio while also managing overall fund risk, the firm says. Performance data is available going back to 2006.

“Successfully navigating today’s bond markets requires an understanding of the diverse sources of risk and return, and a multi-country approach to managing interest rate volatility,” adds Jonathan Beinner, chief investment officer of global fixed income at GSAM. “We remain constructive on credit fundamentals and growth outlooks, and expect U.S. interest rates to rise in 2015. The Goldman Sachs Bond Fund’s strategy enables it to be positioned to react to volatility and adjust to duration risk.”

The fund ticker symbols and investment minimums remain the same post rebranding, GSAM says. The fund will continue to be offered in Class A and C shares with $1,000 minimum initial investments. Additionally, the fund offers Institutional, Class R and Class IR Shares.

GSAM is the asset management arm of The Goldman Sachs Group.