Folio Institutional Adds RPG Consultants as RK

RPG Consultants has become a new third party administrator option for Folio Institutional’s financial adviser clients.

A press release said the new strategic relationship will facilitate advisers’ use of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in 401(k) plans and other types of defined contribution retirement plans.  The RPG401k solution will integrate with Folio Institutional’s investment platform which features an array of ETF and mutual fund investment choices. 

The solution eliminates direct trading fees and commissions typically associated with retail ETF purchases, by utilizing the RPG-devised, fully automated, daily valuation administrative and recordkeeping program.   

“We believe that employees who are in 401(k) plans should be given cost effective and easily understood investments from the widest range of choices that their plan’s financial advisers can provide, and that employers should have the same cost effectiveness in a seamless operational and administrative platform,” said Alvin Rapp, RPG Consultants’ founding partner, in the announcement. “We encourage advisers to take advantage of the features that our platform provides, including the capability of our recordkeeping system to allow the adviser to develop asset allocations and other managed models using cost-effective ETFs.”  

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