Fiserv Offers Retirement Income-Planning Tool

Fiserv Inc. launched Retirement Illustrator, a retirement income-planning tool for advisers.

Retirement Illustrator helps advisers present retirement spending requirements and distribution alternatives, overlaying risk events such as withdrawal, longevity, survivor needs and health care risks, to ensure their clients’ greatest concerns are addressed throughout their planning and retirement phases.

Retirement Illustrator provides financial professionals with the ability to forecast market conditions and the impact financial products can have on an investor’s retirement outlook.

“The underlying technology of the solution gives financial professionals a powerful way to illustrate real-life scenarios and the impact on an investor’s retirement plan in a simple, easy-to-understand manner,” said Cheryl Nash, president of Investment Services at Fiserv.

Retirement Illustrator is a scalable, enterprise-class web-based application. It is hosted by one of the SAS 70-compliant data centers from Fiserv.