Fiserv Offers New Platform for Managed Accounts

Fiserv, Inc., a provider of financial services technology solutions, is rolling out a Unified Wealth Management Platform for adviser clients.  

Fiserv’s Unified Wealth Management Platform allows advisers to move all managed account programs, including separately managed account (SMA), mutual fund advisory (MFA), rep as portfolio manager (RPM) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), onto one managed account platform. The company says this will enable Fiserv clients to provide a higher level of service to investors and make the investment process more manageable.

The Unified Wealth Management Platform will operate as a product-agnostic platform or chassis. Multi-sleeve accounts will continue to work as they do today, the company said. Traditional SMAs, MFAs, RPMs, and ETFs will be set up as a sleeve or strategies, and clients will have the ability to seamlessly transition from single- to multi-sleeve products.