Fiduciary Advocates, Leaders Create Center for Board Certified Fiduciaries

The new center aims to create master’s and Ph.D. programs with a concentration in fiduciary responsibility.

Thirty-five fiduciary advocates and leaders have created the Center for Board Certified Fiduciaries (CBCF) to help develop exemplary fiduciaries. It will be affiliated with one or more universities to provide an executive education certificate in fiduciary leadership, stewardship and governance.

Over time, it will develop master’s and Ph.D. programs with a concentration in fiduciary responsibility. It will also board certify fiduciary professionals in specific areas of specialty, such as defined contribution (DC) plans or foundations and endowments.

The center will also conduct and publish research and thought leadership on fiduciary best practices.

“The vast majority of our country’s liquid investable wealth is in the hands of fiduciaries,” says Don Jones, chairman of the center’s board. “As critical as their role is to the fiscal health of our country, we don’t have a single university that offers graduate-level fiduciary education coursework in fiduciary governance.

The CBCF has also just released its first workbook for professionals contemplating board certification.

Don Trone, CEO of the center, adds: “The new coursework includes research associated with groundbreaking studies in neuro-leadership, except now the work is being applied to fiduciaries. The response from the academic and fiduciary community has been powerful. This coursework represents the fourth generation of fiduciary training. The content is broader and deeper than anything previously developed.”