fi360 Announces Five New Hires

Fiduciary360 (fi360) has added five new employees: Amy Conaway, Allie Cooper, Alexandra Janocha, Leonard Vasilko, and Renee Watkins.

Conaway joined fi360 in May as a Training Coordinator. Her responsibilities include supporting AIF and AIFA students as they enroll, study for, and complete the company’s specialty training programs.  

Cooper joined fi360 in January as Communications Coordinator. She is responsible for quality control in corporate messaging, social media oversight, and industry and media monitoring.

Janocha joined fi360 in May as its new Designations Associate. Her responsibilities include membership management for AIF and AIFA designees.

Vasilko joined fi360 in January as a Fiduciary Services Consultant and brings more than 25 years of experience in education, sales and sales management.  

Watkins joined fi360 in March as Marketing Coordinator, and is responsible for supporting all of the marketing department’s major activities and projects related to corporate branding, marketing communications, and event planning.

The firm, led by President and CEO Blaine Aikin, provides fiduciary education, investment analytics, support services, and industry insights for financial professionals. “The addition of these individuals to our team is a demonstration of our success as a company and a commitment to our clients,” said Aikin. “The business of promoting fiduciary standards is more important than ever and the growth of our practice enables us to meet the demands of fiduciaries everywhere.”