eVestment Enhances Monitoring Tool

Institutional investment data and analytics provider eVestment has launched a attribution platform for its eVestment Analytics service.

Delivered via a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, the new eVestment Attribution serves professionals in the institutional investment market including asset managers, consultants and plan sponsors. For asset managers, the new attribution platform offers a deeper level of competitive analysis while continuing to safeguard sensitive manager-holdings information from competition. For consultants and plan sponsors, the platform offers a more efficient way to use attribution as a natural part of manager selection and monitoring processes.

By using holdings data from the eVestment database, users can eliminate the time-consuming process of soliciting individual manager holdings data, populating a sizable listing of results, and then uploading the data into a stand-alone attribution platform for analysis. Users can evaluate the impact of security, sector and regional decisions, as well as style, timing and activity components, while assessing other quantitative and qualitative information on funds.

“Attribution is a powerful approach to analysis, but it can be a cumbersome and time consuming one if you have to aggregate the necessary data from multiple sources. With full integration into our database, we’ve simplified the process and made attribution a dynamic feature available to any client type,” said Matt Crisp, eVestment’s COO. “Once you’re logged in, there’s no need to migrate data from other systems.”

More information on eVestment Attribution, including a video, can be found here.