ERISApedia Provides Answers and Discourse

The launch of provides retirement plan sponsors, administrators, attorneys and advisers with easy access to compliance information and important retirement industry materials.

With a platform that combines search tools and a user-friendly interface, the website provides answers to common questions asked by retirement plan sponsors and service providers. 

The website is operated by Burrmont Compliance Labs, an organization offering compliance and other tools for the retirement plan industry.

Included on the website is “The Qualified Plan eSource,” a discourse designed for Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) professionals working with defined contribution plans. Written by industry expert Timothy McCutcheon, the document contributes answers in an easy-access format with direct links to government source materials. 

McCutcheon, who has over 20 years of experience in ERISA and is the founder of, says the online ERISApedia is designed to be easy to use, to give relevant results quickly, and to present results in a useful format. also includes government and regulatory source materials specifically relevant to ERISA professionals, which have been selected by the website’s editors.