EASi Launches Stock Plan Exercise Wizard

Equity Administration Solutions, Inc. (EASi) has launched an equity compensation plan exercise wizard with a design that anticipates the different needs that a participant, a financial adviser, and an administrator have when they interact with real-time transaction information.

A press release said every step of the exercise’s payment method and share elections, plus subsequent processing and settlement, is driven by plan-level and system rules that allow for overrides and updates only by the appropriate user role.  Exercise details, plus underlying supporting data, are provided in panels that show transaction costs and distributions from the participant’s point of view, the broker’s, and the company’s.   

Pertinent withhold-to-cover, swap, and sell-to-cover valuations, taxes, and other calculations are provided for validation of accuracy.   

The wizard prompts for information needed or populates it automatically from the EASi system.

More information is available at www.easiadmin.com.