DST Launches Analytics Dashboard for Advisers

The solution provider retirement plans with data-driven insights about the health and performance of the plan.

DST Retirement Solutions announced the launch of the Retirement Solutions Plan Health Dashboard, a new tool designed to provide users with “real-time, data-driven insights about the health of their retirement plan business while also helping plan sponsors better understand how their retirement plan is performing.”

The solution also provides targeted recommendations for improvement, DST explains.

The Plan Health Dashboard, part of DST’s Retirement Intelligence suite of solutions, was developed to meet the needs of advisers and plan sponsors who are under increasing pressure to improve plan monitoring and participant outcomes. The Plan Health Dashboard “analyzes and segments industry, plan, and participant data to deliver accurate plan health metrics in a user-friendly interface that identifies and tracks key drivers, insights, and recommendations to improve plan performance.”

The Plan Health Dashboard features include measurement of key plan health indicators; peer group benchmarking; analytics-based modeling and recommendations; interactive and intuitive tablet-friendly design; plan sponsor and adviser web access; ability to integrate data from any recordkeeping platform; print and share report capabilities; and brand customization.

DST’s repository of Retirement Intelligence analytics data is derived from an integrated network of retirement service providers. More information about DST’s Retirement Solutions Plan Health Dashboard is available here.