Dreman Contrarian Value Equity Fund Launched

Dreman Value Management L.L.C., a contrarian value asset management company, launched the Dreman Contrarian Value Equity Fund.

The fund will be managed by E. Clifton “Cliff” Hoover, Jr., who last September succeeded David Dreman as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer, along with Wesley D. Wright. With an investment objective of long-term capital appreciation, the performance target for the Dreman Contrarian Value Equity Fund is to exceed the Russell 3000 Value Index over a full market cycle.  

While the fund’s composition and market capitalization range is subject to change from time to time, the portfolio managers expect to invest in 45 to 55 U.S. stocks of any capitalization.   

The announcement said the Value Equity Fund, which will be offered in three Classes — A, C, and Institutional — may be a suitable investment for long-term investors seeking a fund with a long-term capital appreciation investment strategy, investors willing to accept price fluctuations in their investment, and investors who can tolerate the general risks associated with common stock investments.