Dow Jones Launches RBP U.S. Small-Cap Index

Dow Jones Indexes launched the Dow Jones RBP U.S. Small-Cap Index. 

The Dow Jones RBP U.S. Small-Cap Index is the latest addition to the Dow Jones RBP series of quantitative strategy indexes offered by Dow Jones Indexes and Transparent Value, LLC, a New York-based asset management and financial information services company. 

Stocks eligible for the Dow Jones RBP U.S. Small-Cap Index include the largest 750 equities in the Dow Jones U.S. Small-Cap Total Stock Market Index that pass screens for minimum free float, stock price and trading volume. Factors considered for stock selection are return on equity, free cash flow yield, asset growth and RBP probabilities. The index is RBP-probability weighted.

The Dow Jones RBP U.S. Small-Cap Index is reviewed quarterly, and on an on-going basis for unusual events such as delistings, bankruptcies, mergers and takeovers. Calculation began on November 30, 2011. Back-tested historical data for the index have been calculated daily back to December 31, 1998, with a base value set at 1000.