Conner Joins USCA as Benefits Consulting Exec

U.S. Capital Advisors (USCA) has hired Lea Conner as a corporate retirement and benefits plan consultant.

As USCA’s Executive Director for Corporate Retirement and Benefit Plans, Conner will bring 35 years of industry experience, including 21 years at Exxon and ExxonMobil, in design, implementation, administration and education of corporate pension, 401(k), and benefit plans.

Conner is expected to work with USCA’s Houston Wealth Management Group, which includes Christian C. Bauman, Matthew B. West, James (Doug) Hall and Scott M. Selzer.  

“Beyond the customized wealth management solutions we provide retirees, we also found a need for assistance in understanding the intricacies of and maximizing the distributions of individual retirement plans,” said Patrick Mendenhall, CEO and Managing Partner.