Citi Launches Tools to Help Consumers Finance College

The Student Loan Corporation (SLC), a subsidiary of Citibank, N.A., launched two interactive tools that provide advice and guidance for consumers about the basics of obtaining and paying back student loans.

The tools are available on its Web site, The Student Loan Advisor explains to families what they need to help them understand their options for financing higher education, and the Repayment Advisor provides the knowledge and tools needed to manage student loans confidently, according to a news release.

The interactive Repayment Advisor illustrates how borrowers can lower their monthly payments and what they can do if they are having difficulty making payments, Citi said. Customers can evaluate loan payment options in order to select the repayment plan that is most appropriate for them.

Consumers can choose to listen to advice from a financial aid expert or hear first-hand experiences from other borrowers, according to Citi.

Selected topics include:

  • how to pay for college
  • what student loan options are available
  • when to start paying back student loans
  • what to do if you can’t make payments.