CFP Launches New Designation for Financial Advisors

The College for Financial Planning announced today the availability of a new designation for financial advisers.  

According to the announcement, the Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor or AMPA, is an education program for financial advisors who are interested in investment management theory, security valuation, and overall portfolio design and management. 

The program’s core curriculum was designed with help from Ameriprise Financial to educate their financial advisors in portfolio management, and will be open to financial professionals nationwide starting July 1.  

Students must complete a two-part program to earn the AMPA designation. The first, a self-study or six-week online instructor-led Mentor classroom program, focuses on core concepts. The second is a four-week online classroom that teaches direct application of those core concepts, including the construction of a class-managed portfolio based on real-time market data. Program graduates will also receive credit for one of the courses in the College’s CFP Certification Education Program, and three hours of graduate degree credit in the College’s Master of Science degree program.