Causeway Launches Global Value Fund

Causeway Capital Management LLC announced the launch of the Causeway Global Value Fund (Institutional Class: CGVIX).

The fund is a global equity fund investing predominantly in the U.S. and international developed markets. The no-load, open-end fund is available to institutional investors with a minimum initial investment of $1 million.

“In-depth knowledge of U.S. companies’ competitive positioning and the global scope and expertise of our research allows us to capture the most attractive investment opportunities in any region,” said Sarah Ketterer, chief executive officer of Causeway, the Fund’s investment adviser, in a company announcement. In 2005, the firm realigned its investment team’s research areas to follow global sectors rather than stocks from multiple sectors within a region or country.

The Causeway Global Value Fund will be managed by the same team managing Causeway’s international value equity strategy, which includes Ketterer; Causeway’s president Harry Hartford; and portfolio managers Jamie Doyle, Jonathan Eng, and Kevin Durkin.

More information is available at