Newkirk Introduces Participant Profiler for Targeted Communications

Newkirk has announced the availability of its N1 Profiler, designed to identify specific plan participants for targeted communication purposes.

The Profiler includes a Profile Report feature which summarizes the results of applying a profile against a participant list, identifying both participants who match the profile and those who do not along with the logical conditions specified in the profile. Additionally, the names and IDs of all participants satisfying the profile conditions can be downloaded into an Excel file, the company said.

Newkirk President Peter Newkirk said there is no limit to the number of profiles that can be defined in the N1 Profiler or in the number of logical conditions that can be used in defining profiles. The newly released capability is a component of NewkirkOne, Newkirk’s communication platform for participant-specific communications.

For more information, visit or call 800-525-4237.