Calvert Launches Water Investing App

Sustainable investing firm Calvert Investments launched an application to increase awareness around global water challenges and investment opportunities.

The Calvert Water Investing App is a first in the world of socially responsible investing (SRI), according to a statement from the firm, and is designed to educate individuals and financial professionals about issues in global water availability. The app can be accessed on both Apple and Android mobile devices.  

The firm also recently released a white paper on global water issues and related investment opportunities, called “Quenching the World’s Thirst for Water.” In the paper, researchers predict water-related infrastructure will require $22 trillion in new investment globally over the next two decades.

“Water is … in the press every day and affects everyone,” Matt Alsted, Calvert’s vice president of marketing, says. “Yet investors are only beginning to recognize the linkages between water sustainability, economic value and the investment opportunity in companies creating innovative water products and service solutions.”

The Calvert Water Investing App features the following key elements:

  • A roundup of weekly news about water-related issues of interest to investors and financial advisers;
  • A “play” section allowing users to interact with photos and other content;
  • An education section bringing investors up to speed on global water challenges and the environmental impacts of climate change;
  • Expert commentary and analysis on key water issues, including daily tweets from Calvert water analysts; and
  • Facts and performance updates about the Calvert Global Water Fund.

More information on the app and Calvert’s lines of water-related mutual funds is available here.