Booklets Provide 2015 Social Security and Medicare Info

Mercer announced the release of informational booklets providing updated guidance about Social Security and Medicare for 2015.

The “2015 Guide to Social Security” and “2015 Medicare” booklets released by Mercer provide simple explanations of both national programs, discuss recent changes, and evaluate cost and benefit amounts for 2015. 

The publications include real-life examples and can be used to complement retirement planning advice, Mercer says. The 43rd edition of “The 2015 Guide to Social Security” includes information on topics including:

  • Major Social Security program changes for 2015;
  • Retirement benefits;
  • Disability and survivor benefits;
  • Monthly benefit tables;
  • Medicare benefits overview;
  • “To Do” sections; and
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about Social Security. 

The “2015 Medicare” booklet, in its 32nd edition, discusses the following topics:

  • Major Medicare changes for 2015;
  • What is covered and what is not;
  • Enrollment and eligibility;
  • Part A (hospital insurance);
  • Part B (medical insurance);
  • Part C (Medicare advantage plans); and 
  • Part D (outpatient prescription drug plan).

    More information about the booklets is available here