Bandon Launches Fixed Income Fund

Bandon Capital Management launched the Bandon Isolated Alpha Fixed Income Fund, a global absolute return-oriented fixed income strategy.

The fund (symbol: BANIX) is intended to be an “all season” strategy for investors seeking consistent returns through all market environments. In the pursuit of its objectives the fund has the flexibility to invest in an unconstrained fashion across global fixed income securities and sectors including strategies that go both long and short in an attempt to capitalize on market opportunities in both directions.  

Bandon said the philosophy underlying the strategy is to incorporate an absolute return approach in the management of the two principal risk/return drivers for fixed income investing – interest rates and credit – within predefined exposure bands and a rigorous, quantitative risk management framework. 

Sub-adviser Logan Circle Partners, LP, is a $12 billion Philadelphia-based, institutional, credit specialist fixed income manager, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group, LLC (FIG). The manager follows a bottom up, research driven, duration neutral, global unconstrained multi-sector absolute return credit strategy comprised of their best ideas across liquid credit markets.  

Dix Hills Partners, LLC, is a $1 billion New York based, institutional alternative investment manager focused on active duration strategies in developed sovereign markets. The manager follows a fundamentally based, systematized, credit neutral (excluding sovereign credit risk), directional active duration strategy focused on the U.S., UK, German and Japanese markets.