AssetMark Launches Digital Prospecting Capability for Advisers

The new tool makes it easier for advisers to reach prospective clients and gain insight into their needs, preferences and interests.

AssetMark, a provider of wealth management and technology solutions for financial advisors, has announced the launch of WealthBuilder Prospecting, a new tool designed to streamline prospecting for financial advisers and provide them with insights to drive lead conversion.

In about 20 minutes, WealthBuilder Prospecting enables advisers to generate a unique link to use on their websites, in emails or social posts, or in online advertising. The link is a gateway for interested leads to start a low-friction discovery process. This helps to convey where prospective clients are at in their financial journey, giving advisers an advanced look at their needs, preferences and interests.

Prospects then have the option to engage directly with advisers, who also receive an alert whenever someone completes the process—a great indicator that a lead is open to learning more. Advisers also are equipped with a dashboard that can help them organize their lead-to-prospect pipeline and keep track of the status of various engagements.

“Common prospecting methods such as cold calling, advertising or seminars often require a large investment of time and money, with no guarantee of success,” says Michael Raneri, AssetMark chief digital innovation officer. “WealthBuilder Prospecting allows advisers to invite leads into the planning process and effectively ‘kick-start’ a warm client engagement process, in a time-efficient way that increases the chance of earning new business. We are pleased to provide advisers with another digital tool to help them build their businesses and drive client satisfaction.”