America’s Favorite College Basketball Teams

Only two of America’s 10 favorite college basketball teams made it to the Final Four.

An annual poll by Harris Interactive found that the University of North Carolina and Duke University are still at top of the list of America’s favorite men’s college basketball teams. However, UNC is back in the number one spot, pushing Duke to number two.

UCLA moved up to the number three slot. Rounding out the top five is: Ohio State (number four) and University of Texas (number five), both of which returned to the top 10 after a one-year hiatus, according to a release of the survey results.

Of the teams that made it into the Final Four this weekend (Michigan State, North Carolina, UConn, and Villanova), only UNC and the University of Connecticut (UConn) are also in the top 10 favorite teams.

Boston College is making its first appearance on the top 10 list, while Illinois, Florida and UConn are all returning after an absence of a couple of years, the release said.

Six teams dropped out of the top 10 since last year: Indiana, Iowa, Georgetown, Tennessee, Kansas, and Wisconsin.

The entire list is:

  1. UNC
  2. Duke
  3. UCLA
  4. Ohio State
  5. Texas
  6. Illinois
  7. Kentucky
  8. Boston College
  9. Florida
  10. UConn

Those are some of the findings of The Harris Poll, a nationwide survey of 2,355 U.S. adults, of whom 650 follow college basketball. The poll was taken online between March 9 and 16 by Harris Interactive.