Adviser Product Partnerships

SMArtX adds 25 strategies to unified managed accounts platform, including from Fidelity and Nuveen; Goalsetter partners with Envestnet; Holistiplan tax planning technology now available to Advisor Group; and more.

SMArtX Adds 25 Strategies to Unified Managed Accounts Platform

SMArtX Advisory Solutions announced it has added 25 strategies to its unified managed accounts platform. The platform now features 1,198 strategies from 288 asset management firms.

Firms such as Fidelity Institutional, Janus Henderson, Nuveen Asset Management, Renaissance Investment Management and WCM Investment Management each added new strategies to their presence on the platform.

“These venerable asset management firms can decide to distribute their strategies anywhere,” said Evan Rapoport, SMArtX Advisory Solutions’ founder and CEO, in a statement. “We are privileged to feature these establishments and their strategies as we continue to expand our UMA solutions to more and more enterprise firms, which provides the greatest scale and opportunity for strategy distribution.”

Goalsetter Partners With Envestnet to Provide Financial Advisers With Wealth-Building Tools

Goalsetter, a family-focused financial education platform, announced it is partnering with Envestnet Inc., a provider of intelligent systems for wealth management and financial wellness.

The partnership hopes to provide financial advisers with the tools their clients need to reach their long-term goals for building generational wealth.

“We know that generational wealth is not attainable without generational knowledge,” said Tanya Van Court, Goalsetter’s CEO, in a statement. “Goalsetter’s education-first financial solutions are designed to transform both family finance and family financial acumen, and Envestnet is a perfect partner to help us evolve the role of wealth managers from individual advisers to family-focused financial partners and supporters.” 

Ensuring advisors can engage all family members with innovative tools like Goalsetter’s financial education and savings platform means they can better help their clients build a foundation for achieving generational wealth,” said Dani Fava, head of product innovation at Envestnet.

Holistiplan Tax Planning Technology Now Available to Advisor Group Advisers

Holistiplan, a tax planning software company for financial advisers, announced a strategic partnership with Advisor Group.

“Our core mission is to help advisors provide richer planning for their clients, and this partnership with Advisor Group helps fulfill that in a huge way,” said Roger Pine, CEO and co-founder of College Station, Texas-based Holistiplan, in a statement. “This is a tool that is already being used by more than 16,000 advisors across the country.”

Holistiplan will now provide discounted access to its platform to all advisers affiliated with Advisor Group. The firm’s software was built to systematize and automate the process of reviewing a client’s tax return to find potential planning opportunities.

“We are thrilled to partner with Holistiplan to give our advisors access to the No. 1 tax planning software on the market,” said Zachary Parker, senior vice president of retirement and income planning for Advisor Group, in a statement. “We see tax planning within the broader financial planning process as a key differentiator for financial professionals.”

Tufts Medicine Partners With meQuilibrium to Support Employee Emotional Health 

Tufts Medicine Inc. has selected meQuilibrium to support the mental well-being of employees within its health system.

Tufts Medicine health system employees can now access meQuilibrium, a digital offering to help users understand the thinking patterns and habits that cause them to feel overwhelmed, anxious or burned out. Real-time access to data and analytics allows Tufts Medicine to impact targeted behavior change.

 “The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented levels of stress, compassion fatigue, absenteeism, burnout and attrition,” said Jan Bruce, CEO and co-founder of meQuilibrium parent company New Life Solution Inc., in a statement.

“Tufts Medicine is prioritizing its employees’ well-being and we are glad they have chosen our science-based resilience platform to meet the needs of their employees, prevent burnout and reduce turnover. They are taking measures to care of their employees, just as they care for others.”