Advicent Delivers More Accurate Health Care Cost Projections

It has launched NaviPlan 19.3 to help advisers better demonstrate their value.

Advicent has launched NaviPlan 19.3, to help advisers deliver more accurate health care projections.

These forecasts can be delivered in two ways. The first is through the new NaviPlan Guided Retirement tool. This is a two-minute guided workflow that is designed to demonstrate the adviser’s value. The second is the comprehensive planning experience of the NaviPlan financial planning platform. Both approaches provide insight into how health care expenses impact an investor’s retirement spending.

In making this offer, Advicent has partnered with Aivante, a health care analytics company offering solutions for optimizing health care planning decisions. Investors can securely enter information about their health, location, goals and other factors in the guided retirement tool, and Aivante’s analytics can forecast how much they will likely need to cover health care costs in retirement.

In addition to providing investors with a call to action to contact their advisers, financial professionals can use the health care expense assumptions in the tool to begin meaningful planning conversations with clients and prospects.

“Health care costs have risen dramatically in the U.S. over the past several decades, and as life expectancies also increase, many investors are understandably concerned about their ability to cover medical expenses in retirement,” says Angela Pecoraro, chief executive officer of Advicent. “Our most recent enhancements to NaviPlan, and our strategic relationship with Aivante, provide financial advisers with specialized data and analytics to help investors make smarter assumptions about health care expenses in retirement—and use this information to take planning discussions to the next level.”