401(k) Day 2010 is about ‘Taking You There’

The Profit Sharing/401k Council of America (PSCA) has unveiled its 2010 401(k) Day campaign with the theme of "401(k) Day... Taking You There."

A news release said 401(k) Day is an annual comprehensive communication and education strategy campaign designed to help sponsors educate their plan participants about the many advantages of participating in an employer-sponsored defined contribution plan.  Officially, PSCA said this year’s 401(k) day falls on September 10, but plan sponsors “are encouraged to celebrate any day of the year that works best for their employees.”

According to PSCA, the 2010 campaign is targeted to three generations of workers at different stops on their journey to retirement. The materials can also be targeted based on plan needs, such as a need to increase plan participation or contributions. The themed campaigns are:

  • On the Winding Road to Retirement… Let Your 401(k) Plan Help Get You There. This campaign encourages younger workers to map a course toward their retirement and enroll in their company’s 401(k) plan, increase their contribution to their 401(k) plan, take control of their savings, and learn about available investment options.
  • Map the Course to Your Destination… Steer Your Retirement Account to Get You There. This campaign encourages Generation X workers to ensure their 401(k) investments are on target to get them where they need to be, shift their asset mix to stay on course, and prepare for detours on their journey toward retirement.
  • Maintain Your 401(k)… Proper Care of Your Retirement Account Will Get You There. This campaign encourages Baby Boomers to check their account balance frequently, work with their 401(k) plan administrator or a financial adviser, and make sure they are prepared to reach their retirement destination.

Each of the three campaigns includes a poster, a postcard, an 8.5″x11″ flyer, and one or two articles. Each of the campaigns can be customized with a company name and logo. Materials for the first two campaigns have been translated into Spanish.

More information about the campaign is at http://www.401kday.org while information about  the PSCA is at http://psca.org.