2018 Marketing Mechanics: Creative Approaches to Winning New Business

This year, we introduced a new column, Marketing Mechanics, to highlight novel ways retirement plan advisers are seeking new business.

A panel at the 2017 PLANADVISER National Conference on marketing featured three leading advisers who have taken unique approaches to winning new business. That spawned a new column in the magazine for 2018, Marketing Mechanics.

The Magic of Local Events

A marketing event can be inspired by a current topic of industry interest, such as financial wellness, retirement income or retirement readiness. A good place to start when launching a community event is to turn to clients and partners; to select a worthy, committed charitable recipient; and to enlist the resources of local sponsors. While giving back to the community is a noble cause, retirement plan advisory practices will inevitably find that their own profile is significantly raised.  Read more.

The Power of Hosting Events
Hosting off-site educational and sporting events can solidify existing customer relationships and possibly build new ones. Bringing customers and prospects into your headquarters for additional on-site seminars gives them experience and insight into how you do business, and positions your company as a thought leader. Read more.

Valuable Partnerships
Advisers working at wealth management firms have the opportunity to turn to wealth advisers to ask them for C-suite referrals at companies whose retirement plan could use improvement. The wealth adviser can make the introduction to the client, positioning the specialist adviser in a favorable light. Read more.