Word on the Street

Not up on the latest Wall Street gossip? Check out these links.

Dealbreaker: Sometimes we all need a break from serious financial news. Dealbreaker is the Perez Hilton for Wall Street (well, not quite as juicy). If you need a lighthearted look at what’s happening in today’s financial news, it’s a blog for you.

footnoted.org: Writer Michelle Leder combs daily through SEC filings to find the dirt in the fine print. The blog offers insights on some of the more concealed government filings not reported elsewhere.

Social networking: If you are interested in a social media site for financial news, try Tip’d or WallStreetBlips. Similar to mainstream platforms like Digg and reddit.com, these sites enable users to submit interesting stories and vote on their popularity. Tip’d covers several topics including investing, personal finance, and business news. WallStreetBlips focuses more on straight financial news and is a great way to get all of the top financial stories, blog posts, and videos in one place.

Madoff: There are scores of good Madoff reads out there. It’s hard to have time for them all. If you have three minutes, check out this video excerpt of Bernard Madoff speaking about the modern financial market to a non-profit group in 2007—that non-profit group turned out to be one of his unlucky investors, CBS reported.