WisdomTree ETF to Provide India Equity Exposure

WisdomTree Investments, Inc. has announced that the WisdomTree Trust intends to launch an earnings-weighted India exchange-traded fund (ETF) under the ticker symbol EPI in the latter part of February.

The fund, to be listed on the NYSE Arca, is the first ETF to offer pure exposure to local Indian securities that has been cleared for launch by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

“Investors have been increasing their allocations to India, but they have not yet had an ETF that provides direct exposure beyond the limited ADR universe available in ETFs today,’ WisdomTree CEO Jonathan Steinberg said, in a company announcement.

The fund will use a fundamentally weighted indexing strategy that seeks to reduce the potential risks that WisdomTree believes are associated with investing in emerging markets through market capitalization-weighted indexes. Investments will be selected from a broad universe of approximately 150 profitable companies included in the WisdomTree India Earnings Index on the annual index screening date.

A prospectus is available by calling 1-866-909-WISE (9473), or by visiting www.wisdomtree.com.