Web Site Locates Employee Benefits Law Experts

The American College of Employee Benefits Counsel (the College) has launched a new Web site feature to help locate leading employee benefits practitioners, including those available to act as mediators or expert witnesses in legal disputes.

The feature, “About the Fellows” (http://acebc.com/content/fellows.asp) was developed and is sponsored by the College. Each Fellow of the College can include (or link to) biographical information and designate his or her availability to act as an expert witness or mediator in any of twelve employee benefit areas, such as fiduciary issues or executive compensation.    

The College has left it to the Fellows both to designate themselves as being available to serve as expert witnesses or mediators and to provide a description of their relevant experience.  The College has not reviewed or edited the information provided by the Fellows, according to a press release.    

College membership, which numbers about 375 lawyers, is limited to individuals who are generally recognized by their peers for expertise in the field and intellectual excellence.  Membership requires a minimum of twenty years practice, as well as a demonstrated and sustained commitment to the development and pursuit of public awareness and understanding of the law of employee benefits.