Vanguard Unveils Seven Index/ETF Offerings

The Vanguard Group has added seven equity index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on Russell domestic stock benchmarks.  

According to a news release, the new offerings feature ETF and Institutional Shares, and provide exposure to the value, growth, and blend segments of the large-cap Russell 1000 Index and small-cap Russell 2000 Index.

A broad market fund and ETF seeking to track the Russell 3000 Index are also being offered.

“Russell benchmarks are well-constructed and well-recognized, and meet Vanguard’s ‘best practice’ standards for index construction. Institutional investors, consultants, financial advisors, and others with a preference for Russell indexes now have low-cost Vanguard options to consider,” said Vanguard Chairman and CEO Bill McNabb, in the news release.

Vanguard said the latest offerings include:

Benchmark/ETF Shares/Institutional Shares 

Ticker/Expense Ratio 

  • Russell 1000 Index:  VONE, 0.12%/ VRNIX, 0.08%
  • Russell 1000 Value Index:  VONV, 0.15%/ VRVIX, 0.08%
  • Russell 1000 Growth Index:  VONG, 0.15%/ VRGWX, 0.08%
  • Russell 2000 Index:  VTWO, 0.15%/ VRTIX, 0.08%
  • Russell 2000 Value Index:  VTWV, 0.20%/VRTVX, 0.08%
  • Russell 2000 Growth Index:  VTWG, 0.20%/VRTGX, 0.08%
  • Russell 3000 Index:  VTHR, 0.15%/VRTTX, 0.08%