Vanguard Launches Consultant Hub for Retirement Plan Consultants

Features of the Consultant Hub include a retirement plan comparison tool and custom investment reporting, among other things.

Vanguard’s Institutional Investor Group launched Consultant Hub—a secure, dedicated web portal designed to help consultants enhance their value and build thoughtful, streamlined plans that can inform decisions and provide enhanced insights to retirement plan clients.

The goal of the Consultant Hub is to provide plan sponsors and consultants with a data-driven view into the retirement readiness of their employee populations. With a focus on the technology and resources necessary to better manage their plans, features of the Consultant Hub include: a retirement plan comparison tool, custom investment reporting, a subadvisor view, news alerts for Vanguard fund changes and access to Vanguard’s latest research and commentary.

In addition, consultants will have access to data for recordkeeping plans, participant investments, fund performance and benchmarks.

More information is here.