Vanguard and Fidelity Rated As Best DC Web Sites

Fidelity Investments snagged the top overall spot in Kasina’s ranking of defined contribution plan Web sites for participants, while the Vanguard Group came in first for plan sponsors.

The New York-based consultant gauged its evaluation of the Web sites on availability of content and functionality, the quality of that content and functionality and overall user experience. The analysis looked to see if the site enabled its users to successfully plan and manage retirement savings.

For plan sponsors, Vanguard got the best overall score (63), followed by T.Rowe Price (57), Fidelity Investments (47), Sun Life Retirement Services (44) and The Online 401(k) (41). However, T. Rowe Price beat out Vanguard in terms of availability.

For plan participants, Fidelity Investments garnered best overall score (74), followed by T. Rowe Price (66), Vanguard (64), Putnam Investments (59) and ICMA-RC (58).

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