Updated Hedge Fund Compliance Tool Launched

HedgeOp Compliance LLC has announced the launch of its updated ComplianceTrak software system.

According to the announcement, ComplianceTrak is a secure, Web-based application with the following features:

  • The “Dashboard”: The point of instant access to the interactive compliance calendar, reporting and monitoring functionality.

  • Interactive Compliance Calendar: A customizable calendar that offers daily, weekly, or monthly formats as well as integrated task tracking, reminders, notes, reporting and recordkeeping capabilities.

  • Employee Level Filing portal: A tool that enables users to create a customized compliance “intranet’ that addresses the specific compliance requirements directed at employees such as Code of Ethics reporting (such as filing and monitoring Access Person reports, gift receipts/notifications, etc).

  • Fund-Level and Adviser-Level Compliance Portals: These portals include logic that automatically calculates a variety of compliance data, enabling monitoring and reporting on various fund and adviser statistics.

  • Dynamic Report Generation: Program that allows users to create and archive compliance reports.

  • HedgeOp Compliance Guide: A comprehensive reference resource designed to help users understand and address specific compliance, operational and business issues.

  • Quarterly Newsletters.

ComplianceTrak is available for a monthly subscription fee and was designed to help emerging and established hedge fund managers fulfill compliance responsibilities, enhance operational productivity and demonstrate a culture of compliance to investors, auditors and examiners, the announcement said.

More information can be found at www.hedgeop.com.