Trust Builders Rolls Out New Retirement Readiness Software

The new platform is designed to build interactive reports for advisers to provide to plan sponsors and participants.

Trust Builders has released its new batch processing module for the TRAK-Online retirement readiness portal; the tool is designed to help advisers provide interactive retirement readiness illustrations to plan sponsors and plan participants.

For example, advisers can import participant census data into the batch processing module to generate a personalized, one-page gap analysis report for each participant.

A contribution analysis report can help advisers show plan participants how different contribution levels affect retirement savings and their current take-home pay. This report can be modified by advisers to meet individual participant needs. Customizable features include the ability to model increasing contributions over time.

The participant benchmark report is specifically designed for plan sponsors. It allows advisers to provide plan sponsors with current data about their plan as well as insight into the plan’s performance over time, offering a window into what’s working and what can be improved.

Those interested in learning more about TRAK-Online and its new batch processing module can visit or write to

Trust Builders specializes in retirement modeling, analysis and illustration software for 401(k), 403(b) and government retirement plan advisers.