TriStar Pension Consulting Launches New Secure Portal

In an effort to streamline communications and further enhance existing security measures, TriStar Pension Consulting has implemented Plan Sponsor Link’s new secure web portal.

TriStar focuses on retirement plan consulting and third-party administration. The firm’s new secure client portal can be accessed from the TriStar website by clients and their financial counterparts, including advisers and certified public accountants (CPAs). TriStar says the software enables it to send and receive important documents to and from clients with greater confidence about data security.

According to the firm, clients can now set up their personal login credentials to begin utilizing portal features. Once a TriStar administrator drops a document in the client’s portal, the client will receive an e-mail notification.

Breanne Mollman, marketing director for TriStar, adds that the new software also allows clients to have immediate and ongoing access to their plan-related data, legal plan documents, administrative forms, required notices and compliance reports.

“Having one major hub for all of the client’s data will tremendously cut back on administrative time for our clients as well as for our plan administrators,” Mollman says of the new software.

More information about TriStar and its third party-administration (TPA) services for retirement plan sponsors is available at