Transamerica Helps Workers Move Into Retirement

Transamerica has launched a division focused on helping workers make the leap into retirement and invest and allocate their retirement assets.
“A lot of companies do a good job helping workers build their nest egg for retirement,” said Phil Eckman, the chief executive officer of the new Transamerica Retirement Management (TRM) unit, told “What we are trying to do is help them figure out what to do with that nest egg when they open it up, which I think is where other companies have fallen short.”
A large part of the company’s initiative centers around educating those about to embark on retirement on how best to make the transition into that stage of their lives, with the thought that today’s retirees are expected to bear a greater portion of the responsibility for managing retirement savings.
Through the Web site Secure Path ( individuals can also find advice that doesn’t relate directly to investing. For instance, they can find information on how boomers should cope with kids coming back to live at the house, or how to take care of aging parents, Eckman said.
SecurePath gives individuals access to a team of Investment Advisor Representatives who offer educational tools, guidance, strategies and products for managing retirement savings.