Transamerica Helps Pre-Retirees Prepare for Second Career

SecurePath by Transamerica has unveiled a special Second Careers section of its Web site designed to help pre-retirees and employers plan for the type of retirement that best suits them.

The new section includes information such as recommended career and volunteer site links and exclusive editorial content. Pre-retirees can also use this portion of the site to take a Retirement Readiness Quiz which will indicate whether the quiz-taker is “not ready yet,” “not quite ready,” “reasonably ready,” or “ready!” for retirement.

Among the new content is a list of book summaries containing titles on key topics concerning ways to ease into the change that retirement brings and how to get the most out of the next phase of life. Also included is a video library and columns by featured authors.

“The ‘what are you going to do in retirement?’ conversation has changed a great deal in the past 10 years,” said Will Prest, chief marketing officer of SecurePath by Transamerica, in a press release. “The opportunities for Boomers to engage in a second career or a phased retirement or to donate time to a favorite cause are becoming more and more prevalent, and Boomers are finding ever-more eclectic ways to find fulfillment in the ‘third age.'”

The SecurePath Web site is at