Transamerica Adds Five Fund Choices

Transamerica Retirement Services has announced the addition of five investment choices from two fund families – Thornburg Securities and Fred Alger&Co., Inc.
According to a Transamerica news release, the investment choices meet the criteria of the Transamerica Investment Monitor’s (TIM) investment selection and monitoring process.
The new investment choices include:
  • Thornburg Value Retirement Account.
  • Thornburg International Value Retirement Account.
  • Alger Capital Appreciation Retirement Account.
  • Alger SmallCap and MidCap Growth Retirement Account; and
  • Alger SmallCap Growth Retirement Account.
The Thornburg and Alger additions bring the total investment choices offered by Transamerica to 152, including target maturity, strategic allocation, hybrid and other specialty investment vehicles.
When selecting investment choices, Transamerica’s TIM process examines six different criteria, including performance measurement, style consistency, fees and expenses, investment process and portfolio composition, management tenure and organization.
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