TIAA-CREF Launches Series of Articles on Maximizing Retirement Income

TIAA-CREF has published its first article in a new series that explores strategies for maximizing retirement income.

The article, “Myth vs. Fact: Systematic Withdrawals vs. Income Annuity Payments,” addresses a common misconception that a series of systematic withdrawals is a more efficient way to provide retirement income than an annuity payment, according to a TIAA-CREF announcement.

The article examines managing longevity risk (the possibility of running out of retirement savings if one lives longer than expected) and the use of an annuity as a tool that can help ensure income for life.

“This information can help investors make fact-based decisions about their options regarding the conversion of retirement savings, and provide guidance on how to help maximize and extend income during retirement,’ said Maliz Beams, TIAA-CREF’s Executive Vice President for Individual Client Services, in the announcement.

Other topics in the series of articles include: exploring the concepts of retirement income, the importance of objective and non-commissioned advice, and financial planning for spending down in retirement.

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