The Online 401(k) Partners with Two Adviser Groups

The Online 401(k) announced partnerships with Back Bay Financial and Tribeca Financial, providing small business clients of these firms access to an independent 401(k) solution, with no hidden fees.
The company, a provider of full-service Web-based 401(k) plans for small and single-person businesses, works with independent financial advisers through its Road to Retirement Network program to use 401(k) plans to help build their businesses, according to a news release.
The Online 401(k)’s small business 401(k) solution allows advisers to play a key role in creating and managing the investment portfolio for a client’s 401(k) plan with little restriction in terms of the investments they select, according to a press release.
The company also provides numerous tools, including customized marketing materials and proposals to help advisers manage their client’s 401(k) plans and also win new business. Members of the Road to Retirement Network also have access to a Web site they can use to customize marketing materials and proposals, manage and create fund lists and investment models, and track their clients’ 401(k) plans.
More about the Road to Retirement Network program is at