New 529 Data Reports Aid in College Savings Planning

Money Management Executive (MME) has announced the release of comprehensive, unique 529 reports to help mutual fund companies, financial advisers, and their clients more accurately plan college savings.
The reports use data compiled by 1693 Analytics, LLC of Williamsburg, Virginia, to show the complete average costs – including tuition, room and board, along with offsetting financial aid – for in-state residents attending public colleges and universities in each of the 50 U.S. states, MME said in a press release. Each State Tuition Index and Datasheet weights each college and university tuition and fee average based on its enrollment size.
In addition, the database analyzes changes in tuition, both at the state and national level, since 1990 to project a minimally acceptable return (MAR) that a 529 investor would need to meet future college costs. “With MME’s Tuition MAR statistics, a set of core absolute return benchmarks are now available to assist mutual fund companies, 529 plan sponsors and financial planners in evaluating the ongoing success of a college savings plan investment,” said Adam Reinebach, publisher of MME, in the release.
Each report also includes data showing the upside risk and downside potential of each state’s tuition costs rising at a rate greater than, or less than, the national average. “The MAR statistics give mutual fund companies another metric for evaluating the appropriateness of investment offerings in a 529 plan,” Baker said. “In states with higher MAR values, you fail an investor if you’re not providing investments that can meet the college cost needs.’
Each state report costs $99, and the full set of 50 state reports is $2,995. The reports can be obtained at, or by calling Anthony Noe at 212-803-6099.